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October  29, 2012. The U.S. Supreme Court declines to hear the Holy Land Foundation case. Their decision marks the end of the judicial process and the continuation of a massive effort to free the Holy Land Five.

Defense Attorneys

Defense Attorneys   Defense attorneys for the Holy Land Foundation case include: John Cline, Linda Moreno, Joshua Dratel, Nancy Hollander, Theresa Duncan, Marlo Cadeddu, Greg Westfall and Ranjana Natarajan.

Testimony of Israeli agent continues (August 16, 2007)

The mostly-attentive jury continued to listen to a witness with no name on Thursday, August 16, 2007. The Israeli official — who went by the pseudonym of “Avi” — repeatedly smiled as he attempted to make one point clear: “Khamas,” or Hamas, indoctrinated Palestinian children through zakat (charity) committees. For the Israeli agent’s protection, the … Read more

Terrorism expert Bruce Hoffman testifies, FBI agent continues cross-examination (Oct. 23, 2008)

As the fifth week of the Holy Land Foundation Retrial wrapped up, jurors were still wide awake as defense attorneys continued to cross-examine FBI agent Lara Burns. Linda Moreno—who represents defendant Ghassan Elashi—began her cross-examination of Burns by clarifying that many of the zakat (charity) committees were established before Hamas was founded in 1987. For … Read more

Shukri Abu-Baker, President and CEO

Home » Defendants Shukri Abu-Baker, President and CEO About 20 years ago, Shukri Abu-Baker was blessed with a daughter who inspired him to begin a legacy of charity work. Her name is Sanabel and she was born with a few medical problems. In her small eyes, he saw strength. And in her smile, he saw … Read more