Shukri Abu-Baker, President and CEO

Home » Defendants Shukri Abu-Baker, President and CEO About 20 years ago, Shukri Abu-Baker was blessed with a daughter who inspired him to begin a legacy of charity work. Her name is Sanabel and she was born with a few medical problems. In her small eyes, he saw strength. And in her smile, he saw … Read more

Defense Attorneys

Defense Attorneys   Defense attorneys for the Holy Land Foundation case include: John Cline, Linda Moreno, Joshua Dratel, Nancy Hollander, Theresa Duncan, Marlo Cadeddu, Greg Westfall and Ranjana Natarajan.

U.S. targets assets of suspected Hamas financiers

December 4, 2001 / CNN Officials warn financial strike may be just the beginning WASHINGTON (CNN) –The Bush administration Tuesday froze the U.S. assets of a Texas-based Islamic foundation that calls itself a charity, saying the organization acts as a front to finance the militant wing of the Palestinian group Hamas. The administration also targeted … Read more