Witness makes a bizarre argument (Sept. 24, 2008)

All Muslims are terrorists—that’s what prosecutors and a witness insinuated Wednesday, Sept. 24, 2008 during the third day of the Holy Land Foundation retrial after the jury left for the day. It quickly became more apparent than ever before that the five defendants are being targeted for the religion they follow. Individuals who often use … Read more

Second FBI agent continues testimony (Oct. 8, 2008)

Jurors wiggled around and rubbed their eyes but were mostly alert on Wednesday, Oct. 8, 2008 as prosecutor Jim Jacks continued the direct examination of FBI agent Robert Miranda. Jacks began the day by playing wiretapped conference calls organized by the Islamic Association of Palestine, where donors can listen to talks by international speakers and … Read more

Secret witness begins cross-examination (Oct. 30, 2008)

Prosecutor Elisabeth Shapiro continued direct examination of Avi on Thursday, Oct. 30, 2008 by further inquiring about the Islamic Charitable Society of Hebron. Avi talked about other charity leaders whom he considered Hamas figures. In addition, prosecutors played a video seized from the Young Muslim Society in Hebron. The tape depicted Palestinian children in black … Read more

Secret witness testifies, former HLF volunteer concludes testimony (Oct. 20, 2008)

The courtroom camera was covered and the doors were locked on Monday, Oct. 20, 2008 as prosecutors prepared to put Mohamed Shorbagi’s testimony on hold to call their next witness: A secret agent with the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF.) The 40 or so attendees—with an exception to close family members of the defendants, several FBI … Read more

Terrorism expert Bruce Hoffman testifies, FBI agent continues cross-examination (Oct. 23, 2008)

As the fifth week of the Holy Land Foundation Retrial wrapped up, jurors were still wide awake as defense attorneys continued to cross-examine FBI agent Lara Burns. Linda Moreno—who represents defendant Ghassan Elashi—began her cross-examination of Burns by clarifying that many of the zakat (charity) committees were established before Hamas was founded in 1987. For … Read more

Testimony of Israeli agent continues (August 16, 2007)

The mostly-attentive jury continued to listen to a witness with no name on Thursday, August 16, 2007. The Israeli official — who went by the pseudonym of “Avi” — repeatedly smiled as he attempted to make one point clear: “Khamas,” or Hamas, indoctrinated Palestinian children through zakat (charity) committees. For the Israeli agent’s protection, the … Read more

Three defense witnesses in one day (September 6, 2007)

Prosecutors walked out of the courtroom with their heads down on Thursday, August 6, 2007 after defense attorneys presented to the alert 15-member jury the long-awaited truth of the Holy Land Foundation. Defense attorneys Greg Westfall (defendant Abdulrahman Odeh’s lawyer) and Nancy Hollander (defendant Shukri Abu-Baker’s lawyer) began the day by briefly redirect examining HLF … Read more