The Case


The Case

The Holy Land Foundation trial is political and nothing more. It is a result of post 9/11 hysteria that has targeted Muslim and Arab Americans. It’s unimaginable that the United States government — a strong supporter of humanitarian aid — would shut down a charity organization based on foreign claims. Clearly, this is an Israeli trial taking place on American soil against constitutional rights of Muslims, Arabs and Americans.

Since 1992, the government has been tapping defendant’s private phones in addition to each and every phone line in HLF offices and has bugged meeting rooms and executive offices with voice activated microphones.

Furthermore, the U.S. government had been sharing intelligence reports with the government of Israel, the Palestinian National Authority and other foreign governments about the activities of the HLF. As a result, the government had in its possession copies of every piece of paper that existed in HLF. As part of its ongoing investigation of the HLF, the FBI had interviewed members of the Muslim community throughout the country as early as 1993 and past indictment date.

On Dec. 4, 2001, and capitalizing on the sour mood of the country after 9/11, the government shut down the HLF and declared it a designated terrorist organization. Initially, the government announced that it has shut down the main financial source of Hamas funding in the Unites States.

Soon afterwards, the government raided all HLF offices in the U.S and seized all their records that provided paper trail for the HLF since inception. Among the seized were the data base, financial records, wire transfers, correspondents with donors, regional offices and charity organizations that received HLF funding. Literally, the government put its hands on millions of pages that HLF meticulously kept, filed and archived. Also, the FBI conducted massive interviews with HLF employees, volunteers, donors and general supporters across the country.

While the government accuses the charity of supporting violent acts, its only crimes were providing essential human needs that every human is entitled to including diapers and clothes, backpacks and books, toys and lollipops, ambulances and medical supplies.

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