Another Israeli agent testifies (August 15, 2007)

Some jurors glimpsed down at their nails, while others took frequent peeks at the clock. The jury seemed unimpressed by yet another anonymous witness with the Israeli government on Wednesday, August 15, 2007. As prosecutor Elisabeth Shapiro began the direct examination of an advisor with the Israeli Security Agency (ISA) who used the pseudonym of [...]

FBI agent concludes an 11-day testimony (August 14, 2007)

With her pink blouse, dark pin-stripped suit and crow-colored hair, FBI agent Lara Burns seemed hostile as she neared the end of her 11-day testimony on Tuesday, August 14, 2007. Mounted on a pole behind her was the American flag. The stars and stripes. The symbol of freedom and protection. Yet to many, the Dallas [...]

Cross-examination of FBI agent continues (August 13, 2007)

The day was short, lasting until noon, but it wasn’t sweet on Monday, August 13, 2007.
Sitting behind a large wooden desk and wearing a black shiny robe, U.S. District Judge A. Joe Fish sustained much of the government attorneys’ objections. Sometimes leaning his head back and other times sitting up straight on his black leather [...]

Israeli Defense Forces commander testifies (August 9, 2007)

The courtroom was empty and all wooden doors were locked on Thursday, August 9, 2007 as the government interrupted the cross-examination of FBI agent Laura Burns for the testimony of an official with the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). The witness — who used the fake name of Leo for security reasons — entered and exited [...]

Cross-examination of FBI agent begins (August 8, 2007)

The courtroom did not have the usual dimness caused by irrationality on Wednesday, August 8, 2007. Rather, an aura of clear logic made the room seem brighter than normal as the defense lawyers began cross-examining FBI agent Lara Burns. With a couple loud laughs and a few quick smiles, the jurors seemed more alert as [...]

FBI agent concludes direct examination (August 7, 2007)

Prosecutor Jim Jacks stood behind the wooden podium in the center of the courtroom much of Tuesday, August 7, 2007 as he concluded the seven-day direct examination of FBI agent Lara Burns. As he leaned both arms on the podium, Jacks began sounding much like an aged ceiling fan in motion as he asked Burns [...]

Agent testifies 6th day (August 6, 2007)

More than a dozen tapped phone conversations filled the chili courtroom air on Monday, August 6, 2007. Some of the now 15-member jury devoted their full attention to reading the translated transcripts. Other jurors, on the other hand, listened like uneager 7th graders with their loud sighs, closed eyes and constant yawns. It was obvious [...]

Agent testifies 5th day (August 2, 2007)

The now 16-member jury was more attentive on Thursday, August 2, 2007. With less fidgeting and mid-day snoozes, more eyes were open and looking at the documents that the United States government lawyers displayed on screens. Some eyes even moved toward U.S. District Judge A. Joe Fish, who overruled almost all of the defense teams’ [...]

Agent testifies 4th day (August 1, 2007)

Repetition has been one of the United States government’s strongest tools, especially on Wednesday, August 1, 2007. As U.S. government lawyer Jim Jacks continued a third day of direct examination with FBI agent Lara Burns, the jurors struggled to stay awake. Some looked up at the ceiling or took brief naps, while others stared at [...]